SWMS: Changes Coming at The Next Web

Is The Next Web de-emphasizing tech news? It looks that way. 

"We're making changes to our editorial focus -- definitely keeping within tech -- which you should notice in the coming weeks," TNW CEO Zee Kane told us in email. "This means making changes to some of our editorial team, albeit tough ones. There's not much more to it."

[Editor's note: in a note sent to us after we published this article, Zee adds that "we are absolutely not exiting the news business, we're simply giving equal priority to evergreen content, something we haven't done enough of in the past. We are also making other changes which we'll look back on in a month or two with a post on TNW, but for now, this should answer the 'are we de-emphasizing tech news' question. Alex Wilhelm left on mutual agreement as he wasn't suited to the new direction. He was offered a role elsewhere that was more befitting of his expertise."]

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