Tier 1 Vital Stats: The Overview

Ever wish you could see all of Tier 1 at a glance? In our latest SWMS Deep-Dive, we package SimilarWeb data to identify which Tier 1 titles have the most passionate audiences, the ones bigger globally than here in the US, the ones who appear to have punted SEO and those who just don't show up on social. Plan accordingly. 

Tier 1 Vital Stats: Search & Social

Tier 1 publishers can't do much to generate traffic to their home pages, or to get other sites to link to their articles -- but there's a ton they can do to drive traffic from search and social media. Using data from SimilarWeb, we explore which Tier 1 sites excel at it, and which don't. Tailor your pitch strategy accordingly.

Keith Shaw: 5 Times I Needed Help From PR

Most journalists like to say that they don’t need help from a PR professional, but in my career I’ve found their assistance valuable in specific situations beyond general news requests. If you’re looking to be proactive and find areas where you can assist a journalist, these areas can be the start of establishing a relationship for future pitches and client outreach.

Benioff Masters CNBC

From a PR point of view, all Tier 1 TV interviews should go as well as the May 4 CNBC Jim Cramer interview of Salesforce founder Marc Benioff. Jim asked only four questions during the five-minute interview, three of which were veiled invitations for Marc to say whatever he had to say — which he did.

Benioff Masters Bloomberg

Attention media trainers: you’ll never see an executive “master the message” like Salesforce founder Marc Benioff did last week, live on the air, with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang and CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Marc was promoting the launch of Work.com, software designed to help employers manage health and logistics details as employees slowly come back to work.

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Pitch Advice from Mo Marshall -- Analyzed

Nothing brings PR anxiety like crickets, especially when you pitch contributed content and include the submission. Was the pitch bad? Was the piece bad, or both? Or neither! Or maybe "they just didn’t see it, so I’ll 'float it to the top of their in-box' in a day or two."

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